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Nepal is a landlocked country along the Himalayas, bordered primarily by India and China.   It remains one of the poorest countries in the world and in 2015 many lost their lives, homes and livelihoods in the horrendous earthquake.   We visited in April 2016 and saw the extent of the destruction and heard how they continue to struggle to rebuild lives.   The Nepalese we are working with are humble, hard working, kind and believe in helping each other on a daily basis.    They all want the best for their children and believe an education is needed now more than ever if their children are to have a future and be able to work and look after their own families.  This is why Love a Child Foundation wants to help in Nepal.

Love a Child Foundation – School Build Nepal 2017

In 2017 Love a Child Foundation and the Ghurkha Welfare Trust are undertaking the rebuild of the Shree Sano Kayre School, which was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. This school is a vital resource for the education and future of 170 students who are currently struggling in temporary shelters of corrugated iron.

Love a Child Foundation is seeking to raise £35.000 to provide for 4 new classrooms, toilet blocks, desks, chairs their contribution. The build will be overseen by our volunteers and will be undertaken by local tradesmen using locally sourced materials, thus further benefiting the economy of the whole community.

We will be providing regular updates and photographs of the construction as it takes place. Donors are welcome to visit and see the completed project first hand.

Nepal is a beautiful country with a back bone of the Himalayas and full of kind hard working people, the majority living in abject poverty trying to rebuild their lives after the earthquake.   The people we have met and are working with just want the same as we all do, for their children to be healthy, happy and have a chance of a future.


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