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Kyawthuya Khundala

Mahasala Monastic Elementary School
Sagaing Township


The Mahasala Monastic Elementary School was established by Kyawthuya Khundala, Monk Owen in 2007. The school provides all students with stationary, school uniform, books and free tuition. The school is registered as a non – profit organization in Myanmar. Principal Monk Owen grew up in the schools’ village, Chaungmagyi. He first attended school at the age of 14 because his family could not afford to send him to the government school and there was no alternative school nearby. His educational struggles inspired him to co-found Mahasala Monastic Elementary School.


Mahasala Monastic School is located in Sagaing Division, Sagaing Township, 2 miles north of  Mingun. The school is nestled in the midst of trees and borders the river near Chagungmagyi Village. It is inaccessible by road during the rainy season.

Our Students.

The school started with 83 students and 4 teachers in 2007. Currently there are 155 students and five teachers. All of the students are from Chagungmagyi Village and nearby villages. Their parents earn a living by cutting firewood and fishing. Most of the villagers have never had a chance to attend school and for their children, education is not considered a priority.

Our Focus and Objective.

To provide education to anyone who desires it, without discrimination against economic class, ethnic background, or religious beliefs.

– To provide education based on a desire to learn instead of financial circumstances.
– To provide basic healthcare and medicine for common illnesses, such as influenza, diarrhoea and malaria.

Our Curriculum

The school provides a formal education from pre – kindergarten to 6th standard. The school curriculum is accredited by the government.
We Need Your Support
Unlike government schools monastic schools do not receive government funding therefore we need financial support, from generous donors, through charitable funds and donations. We specifically need

– A water pump to provide drinking water at the school.
– Classroom equipment and furniture, such as tables, chairs and whiteboards.
– Stationary and school supplies.
– One classroom building.
– Improved school facilities.

We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to learn and go to school. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Through education our children will become strong and capable leaders. We provide them with hope for the future. Like an old proverb says “You shouldn’t give a man a fish, you should teach him how to fish.” Education is man’s lifeline, let’s give them a future.

Love A Child Foundation has supported MMS since it’s foundation and has been asked by Owen if we can accept donations on behalf of the school as this is not possible through the Burmese financial system.    Please use the ‘Pay & Donate’ section on this website making sure that you state that the funds are for MMS and these will then be directly channelled to Owen and the school in Burma.