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Love a Child Foundation

The Love a Child Foundation (LACF) was set up by John Margetson after his travels to Myanmar (Burma) and to the Tibetan Monastery in Dolanji with Michele Claiborne in India led him to see first-hand the extreme poverty and conditions children were living in and he decided he had to try an alleviate this.

Since 2005 the Love a Child Foundation has sponsored children in both countries by providing basic welfare and education.   Hundreds of children have benefited and gone on to find work, many have trained as teachers and are now able to support their families and also give back to their community by educating the next generation.     They were all given that chance in life thanks to the work of John and all the many sponsors and donors.   Many children in the world still live in abject poverty so our work continues.    Since his retirement a new CEO and Trustees have been appointed so the wonderful work and support can continue.

The foundation currently operates in India with the Tibetan refugee children, Nepal, Myanmar and Ecuador.   We find sponsors for children and also the generosity of donors has allowed allows us to build dormitories, provide classroom equipment, water pumps etc.   The strict policy of the foundation is to be certain that all donations go directly to support the children and therefore great care is taken to vet all the people who might be responsible for the foundations funds.

CEO  Teresa Scully


A career of over 30 years in the Finance Sector primarily within Hedge Funds, as a Compliance Officer, Investor Relations Officer, Administrator and Manager with companies such as Morgan Stanley, Oechsle International Advisors and Charles Taylor Consulting.   Having travelled extensively Teresa has long been aware of the disparity of the comfortable lives enjoyed in the UK compared to many countries around the world.   A trekking holiday in Nepal led to her supporting a family and putting their children through education.

In 2014 she was introduced to John Margetson, the founder of Love a Child Foundation, and subsequently spent a holiday visiting the LACF projects in Myanmar.    She was offered the position of CEO and took up the role at the end of 2015, saying how honoured she was to be given the opportunity to take over the running of the charity and being able to extend its work into Nepal whilst ensuring it keeps pace with the increased legislations and reporting requirements for a UK Charity and provide the transparency that should be a pre-requisite of every charity.


Foluke Akinlose MBE

A journalist, writer and editor with a strong background in traditional and digital media including roles at ITN New Media.  In 1999 she built and launched PRECIOUS, the first digital magazine for women of colour in the UK. She launched the PRECIOUS Awards in 2007 to provide a platform to inspire, encourage and recognise successful women of colour in UK business and recognise those playing leadership roles within corporate life. Numerous awards including being awarded an MBE in the 2010 New Year’s Honours List for services to the Creative Industries. In 2011, also was invited to be a Titan by the School of Creative Start-Ups, and innovative social enterprise.

Jakki Ballard, M.Sc., MBA, MCIPS

Highly qualified supply chain professional with over 25 years’ experience sourcing raw materials, print, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, textiles etc. worldwide.  Excellent man management skills which included training and mentoring.   As a mother she has long desired to help children less fortunate and welcomed this opportunity.