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Our Work in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, previously known as Burma, has suffered for years with severe unrest and as a result many children live in abject poverty in appalling conditions lacking fresh water, sanitation and without education.   Conditions have improved since John Margetson first visited in 1998 but there are still children in need of help if they are to have a chance of a future.  Since 2005 our sponsors and donors have provided education, beds, water wells, clothes etc. – the basics.  Several of the sponsored children have gone on to become teachers so are now able to support their families and give back by teaching the next generation.

This year we replaced a girls dormitory which had become uninhabitable and lead to girls having to share three to a bed in cramped conditions. They can now sleep and dream of a possible future in their own bed, under a mosquito net thanks to all the kindness and donations from our sponsors.


New Dormitory


Old Dormitory



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