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Love a Child Foundation
'Love a Child' is a foundation set up by John Margetson to support children from poor areas of the world, who are refugees, abandoned, abused, exploited or orphaned.

'The foundation, which is registered in Spain and Britain is run by Lynne Carr-Jones, John Margetson the Chairman of the Trustees, and other volunteers. We have co-ordinators in the countries that we operate in working closely with our projects and representatives in many western countries, who are contacts that can pass on information about the foundation and help with fund raising. There is also a board of trustees, who administer the foundation. Details of the trustees are available on request.' 

The strict policy of the foundation is to be certain that all donations go directly to support the children and therefore great care is taken to vet all the people who might be responsible for the foundations funds. This takes patience and time, which of course the children don´t have. The foundation was set up as a non profit making organisation. We currently send all funds directly to each project and therefore directly to the children. The only costs not absorbed are bank charges and a small amount for printing, advertising and some travel expenses. All other costs are funded by John Margetson. However, our donors should be aware that as the foundation grows, it will probably be necessary to offset some further expenses against our income. A copy of our annual report and accounts are available to anyone who would like to receive them.

'The foundation currently has projects in India and Nepal with Tibetan refugee children, Burma and Ecuador. Please visit the relevant page to find out more about our work in individual countries.

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Tibetan refugee children to sponsor

Tibetan Refugee Children
The Bon Children´s home (BCH) at the Bon Po monastery, Dolanji, Northern India...




Sponsor a Child in South America, India or Tibet

Sponsorship and Donations
Sponsoring a child or donating to any of our projects is easy. Find out more...





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